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Earthview®, A new category of products that are SENSITIVITY FRIENDLY

Environmental Injury and the Challenge to Our Health

Environmentally Friendly Shampoo, Environmentally Friendly Body Care ProductsEnvironmental injury, environmental illness and multiple chemical sensitivities have created challenges and trauma in the lives of tens of thousands of people with increasing frequency in recent years. Sudden or gradual exposures to toxins and irritants in the environment have created disabling medical conditions that have, for many, turned every aspect of their previous lifestyles upside down. For those so affected, normal everyday life often suddenly becomes a struggle to regain health, basic life functions and fulfilling interactions with friends, family and employers in typical public and home environments. The accelerating occurrence of these environmental injuries serves as a warning to society at large. Like observing “canaries in the coal mine”, those not yet acutely affected by regular toxic exposures in our modern world can recognize that there is danger present that deserves more precautions by all.

Our Story Inspired the Creation of Earthview® Products

Shampoo no Phthalates, Sulfate Free Shampoo, Fragrance  Free Shampoo, Paraben Free Shampoo, Natural hair Shampoo, Natural hair ShampooAs our family went through this experience with environmental injury, we soon realized that the damaging effects of this illness, with a now weakened immune system, suddenly made us hyper-sensitive to fragrances and chemicals in our environment. This condition, with serious disabling medical reactions, was triggered by exposure to common, yet toxic ingredients in personal consumer products, home furnishings and the environment at large. These reactions and medical symptoms were both unknown to us before, and also not problematic for most other people in the same environment. With a determination to regain our health and rebuild our lives, we learned first that we had to completely re-engineer our home, personal and work spaces to be free of environmental irritants. We quickly realized that few personal care and cleaning brands catered to this need with items that were both safe and had great functional performance. So we decided to create a brand of natural products that work great, that anyone with environmental sensitivities could always trust to be free of harmful fragrances and chemicals.

This was the simple inspiration for Earthview® products… which after 10 years of research and development, has created some incredible product formulas. Our hope is that for lives otherwise changed forever, we can bring a small measure of beauty and enjoyment in great personal care and cleaning products. And for families everywhere, we take great pride in offering safe products that protect future generations from the cumulative effects of toxins in their personal environments.

Our Story

Our StoryOn the 4th of July, 2002, life changed forever, when our house flooded and the subsequent exposure to toxic mold launched us on this unbelievable journey into the world of those living with environmental illness. Before this landmark date, I was healthy and athletic, happily employed by a successful company and enjoying life with our wonderful family of 6 children. Like so many of you, soon thereafter we were dealing with multiple traumas from the loss of our health, home, income and anxiety about the future… as even homelessness seemed to be a possibility we could face. Though things looked bleak, we resolved several things… to keep our faith in God and our fellow men, to nourish and maintain our loving family relationships, to invest in medical treatment to recover and to do all within our power to rebuild our lives. The list of adversities was long—a disabling medical condition, abandoning our home and contaminated possessions, sleeping on the floor of a rented house and on medical disability for over a year, unsure of my ability to return to work, deeply in debt and with bankruptcy a real possibility. Yet through all of that, we had hope, faith, comfort and guidance, and the support and prayers of family and friends. We could see a future that would eventually be better. Dr. William Rea and the Environmental Health Center in Dallas were great health partners who have helped us steadily regain our health, adjust our work and home environments, and cope with the lingering symptoms of multiple chemical sensitivities.

Survival and recovery after this injury now required a clean-air, fragrance and chemical free environment. We quickly discovered that finding personal care and household cleaning products that we could tolerate, that actually worked well and that were consistently available was very difficult. I decided to put my professional skills as a buyer and product development manager to work to create a brand of products that were designed primarily for those of us with chemical sensitivities. My goal has been to create a brand we could always trust to work well… high quality products, always fragrance and chemical free from plant and mineral-based ingredients… and friendly to the earth downstream. For the past 10 years, I have scoured the market place to find high quality suppliers and to create products and formulas that work well for chemical sensitivities.

We are pleased to offer these product and lifestyle solutions to all have concerns about the health and safety of the personal products we use every day. We wish you the best on your journey to improving health and a rich and happy life with those who mean the most to you.

To your health!
Joe & Jeanne Gammon